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Tianzhufeng Road (Middle), East Area of Hi-Tech Development Zone, Tai’an, Shandong, China
       Welcome to ShanDong LuNeng Mount.Tai Electric Equipment CO.,LTD.                                          
Shandong Luneng Mount.Tai Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd,occupying an area of 300,000m2,is located in east Hi-tech Development Zone,Tai'an, Shandong Province,People's Republic of China.Its history of transformer manufacture can be traced back to 50 years.Now,it has become an incorporation invested by State Power Net Company and the principle base for developing and exploring Ultra High Voltage Equipments.
Ever since its foundation,it provides the society with up-to-date electric equipments on the basis of self-innovation and self-research and development.It is praised as the Key Enterprise of Transformers in Shandong province and China,the Hi-tech Enterprise of Shandong Province,the State Contract-abiding and Credit-keeping Enterprise,AAA Credit Enterprise,the Recommended enterprise of Economy and Trade Committee of China in Building and Rebuilding Urban and Rural Electric Power Net,Shandong Famous Brand,etc.
The company has passed the ISO9001 system,ISO10012 system,ISO14001 system and got the PCCC Certificate issued by Power Beijing Product....


Welcome to Middle East Electricity 2015

 02-04 March 2015

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth No.:1A10 China Hall


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Oil-immersed Transfomer
10-500kV oil-immersed transformers have the distinguishing features of low loss,low noise,no hauling...
Dry Type Transformer
DDT’s design technology is ENCO Patent, imported from Austria.The product design,manufacture,testing...
Pad-mouted Transformer
The combined-style substation developed by ourselves,which is compact, small,economic,effective,is l...
Special Transformer
Pad-mounted transformer is a new type distribution equipment, that the active part of transformer HV...
GIS(Gas-insulated Metal-Enclosed Switchgear) is the complete set of equipment, comprised of disconne...
The cable produced by our company can be divided into 6~35kV Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insula...
To ensure the product quality,our company adopts the following measures: 1.Organizational assurance.Quality monitor and control departments are directly headed by the general manager:company management department and quality assurance department,to exercise quality veto power.The company establishes a three levels management network of"company-shop floor (department)-workshop section (working group)".All departments are performing their duties in strict line with Quality Manual so that activities affecting the quality are all controllable and under control from market research to manufacturing .....
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